Test Facility for Low Carbon Energy Technologies



Clear Blue Energy's test facility provides a unique capability for the accelerated development and commercialisation of low carbon heat, distributed energy and energy storage solutions. 


We use our extensive library of energy demand datasets to simulate a vast range of customer archetypes to test and validate the performance of innovative products under 'real world' conditions. 


We can:

  • rapidly assess performance across a range of target customer groups and property types
  • evaluate the impact of new product specifications, system configurations and control strategies
  • provide valuable insight on product - market fit
  • all at a fraction of the costs and timescales of full field trial programmes


We also work with fully accredited partners to deliver certification of products.


Please contact us by emailing testing@clearblueenergy.co.uk to discuss your product testing needs.


The test facility, funded by the Loddon and Test LEADER Programme, is part of a project to support a new bespoke office, test and demonstration facilities to enable the development of Clear Blue Energy. It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


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